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White Oak Lakes


Lower White Oak Lake boat ramps:

Lower Jack's Landing, Starnes' Landing, White Oak Belle Access and White Oak Lake State Park.

Upper White Oak Lake boat ramps:

Upper Jack's Landing and Brown's Point. Panther Creek Walk-in Access.

Commission property surrounds both lakes in a 50-foot buffer zone from the high-water mark.

Aquatic Vegetation

Lower White Oak Lake

Marginal stands of coontail around Panther Creek and mats of alligator weed and Uruguayan primrose at the upper ends of the lake.

Upper White Oak Lake

Fragrant water lily, uruguayan primrose and alligator weed along margins.

Area Specific Regulations

Lower White Oak Lake:

Upper White Oak Lake:

Area Type


Bottom Features

AGFC-maintained habitat sites and pea-gravel spawning beds have been created throughout the lakes.




Average depth of 7 feet. Lower lake maximum depth of 23 feet. Upper lake maximum depth of 19 feet.


Upper and Lower White Oak Lakes combine to form the second largest Commission-owned lake system in the state, behind Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir. The lakes were formed by impounding White Oak Creek, which runs from south to north. The upper lake is actually south of the lower lake. The watershed consists of sandy soils, low in nutrients and contain pine timber with some mixed hardwoods . Most of the timber was left standing in the lakebed during construction, but has since fallen, leaving a dense cover of stumps just below the surface of the water.

District Information

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  • Floating courtesy docks at most boat ramps.
  • Fishing piers at Upper Jack's Landing and White Oak Lake State Park.
  • Marked boat lanes.
Fish Forage

Gizzard shad, threadfin shad, small sunfish, brook silversides, native minnows, darters


Nineteen miles southeast of Prescott and 15 miles northwest of Camden off State Highways 387 and 24.

Major Sportfish

Largemouth bass, channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, black crappie, redear sunfish, bluegill

Management Plan
Other Fish

Spotted gar, grass carp, grass pickerel, white crappie, yellow bullhead, brown bullhead

Other Points of Interest

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Restaurants, Camping and other Facilities

Camping, boat/canoe rentals and bait sales at White Oak Lake State Park on Lower White Oak Lake. Primitive camping allowed with a permit from the Akansas Forestry Commission at designated sites on both lakes.


Lower Lake: 1,000 acres; Upper Lake: 600 acres

Visible Cover

Dense stands of stumps and some stands of bald cypress in shallow areas. Many boat houses and fishing piers.

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