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Aquatic Vegetation

Coontail, lily pads

Area Specific Regulations

Lake Monticello Drawdown News

  • During December, January and February, the minimum-length limit for crappie is waived on Lake Monticello and the harvest is regulated by a 20-fish daily bag limit.
  • The first 20 crappie caught, regardless of size, must be retained: culling is not permitted.
  • From March through November, harvest is controlled by a 10-inch minimum length, 20-fish daily bag limit.
  • Largemouth bass 19 to 22 inches must be released immediately.
  • Largemouth bass daily limit is 8, of which only one largemouth over 22 inches can be kept.
  • No limit on white bass and hybrid striped bass.
  • Use of common carp as bait is prohibited.
Area Type


Major Sportfish

Largemouth bass, white crappie, black crappie, channel catfish, bream


City of Monticello

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