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Little Red River (Greers Ferry Tailwater)

Area Specific Regulations

From 100 yards below Greers Ferry Dam to the Highway 305 bridge: A trout permit is required to fish. Anglers may use no more than one fishing rod or pole and must attend it at all times. No other devices may be used to catch fish, except bait tackle to catch baitfish. Multiple point hooks with barbs are allowed, unless fishing with bait or inside the Catch-and-Release Areas (see below). Bait fishing only allowed with a single hooking point. Daily limit of 5 trout; only 1 trout over 16 inches may be kept.

Greers Ferry Tailwater Catch-and-Release Areas: In the following areas, all trout must be released immediately. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used (natural or scented baits are not allowed). In JFK and Mossy Catch-and-Release areas, multiple-point barbless hooks may be used. In Cow Shoals Catch-and-Release Area, only artificial lures with a single, barbless hooking point per pole shall be used. Chumming is not allowed. Catching bait with bait tackle is not allowed.

  • JFK Catch-and-Release Area: 100 yards below Greers Ferry Dam downstream to approximately 0.5 miles downstream to the last Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery effluent outfall in John F. Kennedy Park, as indicated by signs.
  • Mossy Shoals Catch-and-Release Area: Upstream end of Dunham Shoals to downstream end of Mossy Shoals, as indicated by signs.
  • Cow Shoals Seasonal Catch-and-Release Area Oct. 1-Dec. 31. Head of Cow Shoals to mouth of Canoe Creek, as indicated by signs. Closed to night fishing (one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise).

Johnson Hole (South Fork): Pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, women who are breast-feeding, and children under the age of seven should not eat largemouth bass 16 inches or longer because of mercury contamination. Others should not eat largemouth bass 16 inches or longer. Other fish may be eaten without restriction. For more information on mercury contamination, contact the Arkansas Department of Health, 501-661-2893.

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Flowing Water


Greers Ferry Tailwater

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