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Lake Maumelle


There are two boating access points on the lake, one owned by WestRock Landing (formerly Jolly Rogers) on the south side of the lake and the Sleepy Hollow Access owned by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) on the west end of the lake. The ramp at WestRock Landing requires a launch fee. Sleepy Hollow Access is free to use but is retricted to boats with motors 25 horsepower and smaller.

Area Specific Regulations
  • Fishing and boating are prohibited in the restricted zone near the dam.
  • Swimming, bathing, wading and the use of aquaplanes, surfboards, motorized surfboards, wind-surfers, personal watercraft, water skis, rafts, kayaks or similar devices is prohibited.
  • Canoes and any boat with a primary motor less than 9 horsepower may be used only in the area of the lake west of the Arkansas Highway 10 bridge.
  • Commercial fishing and fishing by seine, net, trap, gig, jug line, yo-yo or set line are prohibited.
  • Trotlines may be used only in the trotline permitted zone. Trotlines must have the owner's name, phone number and driver's license number or vehicle license number attached to the line closest to the bank.
  • Introduction of materials or vegetation for fish habitat into the lake is prohibited. Brush-cutting devices are prohibited as well.
  • Fishing from roads, bridges or docks is prohibited. Anglers may fish only from boats and designated bank fishing areas.
Bottom Features

Most of the lake's bottom was cleared of timber before flooding. There are some remaining stands of timber, and the AGFC has placed many artificial fish attractors in the lake.




The average depth is 24.7 feet. The maximum depth is 60 feet.


Lake Maumelle is in Pulaski County, about 10 miles west of Little Rock on Ark. Highway 10.

Major Sportfish

White bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, bream, channel catfish, blue catfish


Central Arkansas Water


8,900 surface acres

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