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Beaver Lake Tailwater | White River

  • Two public boat accesses are available at Dam Site Park (Dam ramp and Bertrand Access) and one is available at the Houseman Access east of the town of Busch.
  • Three public walk-in accesses are available at Dam Site Park.
  • One walk-in access and handicap access is available at Parker Bend.
Area Specific Regulations

Beaver Tailwater | From 100 yards below Beaver Dam to AGFC boat ramp at Houseman Access:

  • No fishing within 100 yards of Beaver Dam.
  • A trout permit is required to fish in this area.
  • Anglers may use no more than one fishing rod or pole at a time and must attend it at all times.
  • No other devices may be used to catch fish, except bait tackle to catch baitfish and as specified for the paddlefish snagging season (see below).
  • Multiple point hooks with barbs are allowed, unless fishing with bait or inside the Special Regulations Area (see below).
  • Baitfishing is only allowed with a single hooking point.
  • Daily limit of 5 trout.
  • All trout from 13 to 16 inches in length must be released immediately and may not be in possession in Beaver Tailwater.
  • Only one trout over 16 inches may be kept.

Beaver Tailwater Special Regulation Area | Approximately 0.5 miles below Beaver Dam to approximately 100 yards upstream of Parker Bend Access, as indicated by signs:

  • Only artificial lures or flies may be used.
  • All hooking points must be barbless.
  • Natural or scented baits are not allowed.
  • Chumming is not allowed.
  • Catching bait with bait tackle is not allowed.

Paddlefish Snagging Season | From April 15 to June 15, snagging game fish is legal from 100 yards below Beaver Dam to the first boat ramp downstream.

  • Snagging must be discontinued once two trout have been taken.
  • Snagged fish may not be released.
Area Type

Flowing Water




The Beaver Lake Tailwater was created when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Beaver Dam in 1966. The water flowing from the base of the dam was too cold to support the native smallmouth bass and sunfish population, so trout were introduced to restore the fishery. Often overshadowed by the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters, the Beaver Tailwater provides excellent trout angling opportunity and supports a thriving tourism industry. Paddlefish also provide some excellent action below Beaver Dam during paddlefish snagging season.

District Information

Fisheries District 1
2805 West Oak
Rogers, AR  72756
AGFC Trout Program 870-424-5924

For current generation conditions:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 417-336-5083
For projected generation conditions:
Southwestern Power Administration 866-494-1993

Click here for information about the AGFC trout program and trout management plans.


The Beaver Lake Tailwater flows from the base of Beaver Dam west of Eureka Springs north to Table Rock Lake.

Major Sportfish

Rainbow trout, brown trout

Other Fish

Paddlefish (see area regulations)


7 miles

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