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Tagging and Checking a Harvested Alligator

  • Immediately upon dispatching the alligator, a temporary tag (AGFC guidebook or homemade) must be affixed to the harvested alligator. This tag must contain the hunters name, phone number, address, date and AMZ. No person shall possess any untagged alligator carcass or hide. Recommendation: Place the tag in a Ziploc bag and zip tie to a leg.
  • As soon as possible, successful hunter must call the AGFC radio dispatch office at 833-356-0824. The hunter must provide their name, AMZ and a telephone number where they can be reached. The dispatcher will pass this information on to the State Alligator Coordinator for compliance.
  • Successful hunters then must check their alligator online within twelve (12) hours of harvest via the AGFC website. Alligators cannot be tele-checked or checked with the AGFC app. Once completed at that point the alligator is legally checked.

USFWS CITES tag will be mailed to successful hunters once online checking has been verified. Failure to check the alligator online will result in putting the hunter out of compliance and in violation of permit requirements. Non-compliance issues will be turned over to the Wildlife Enforcement Division for violation assessment. CITES tags must be affixed six inches from the tip of the tail. Once the CITES tag is in place the alligator is legally tagged.