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AGFC wetland management focus of DU podcast series

BY Randy Zellers

ON 11-24-2021


Nov. 24, 2021

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

MEMPHIS — The recent changes announced to Arkansas’s greentree reservoir management have drawn the attention of many duck hunters in The Natural State, and thanks to the help of Ducks Unlimited, the word about Arkansas’s efforts to restore flooded timber duck hunting are being broadcast on a national scale. Three episodes of DU’s national podcast are available, which cover the science behind greentree reservoirs, the need for change and the plans the AGFC has to restore some of these damaged wetlands while maintaining as much public access as possible.  

Ducks Unlimited Podcast logo

The first episode covers the history of greentree reservoirs and their significance to waterfowl habitat and waterfowl hunting. Podcast host Michael Brasher speaks with AGFC Waterfowl Program Coordinator Luke Naylor and DU biologist Jake Spears to share information with the audience.

Click here to listen to Episode 33: Arkansas’s Greentree Reservoirs Part 1

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Naylor and Spears revisit with Brasher in the second episode to cover the current decline in forest health within these artificially flooded wetlands and steps the AGFC is doing to remedy the situation.

Click here to listen to Episode 34: Arkansas Greentree Reservoirs Part 2

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Austin Booth, director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, joins the DU Podcast to conclude our discussion about the difficult yet necessary changes to water management in Arkansas’s famed greentree reservoirs. From his perspective as a father, hunter, and agency director, Austin shares insights on leadership, outreach efforts, hunter concerns, and why AGFC is so committed to seeking long-term solutions to preserve the legacy of Arkansas’s flooded timber.

Click here to listen to Episode 35: Arkansas’s Greentree Reservoirs Part 3

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