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Arkansas Wildlife Magazine November-December Cover

January/February 2023 Articles

Partners Help Put WMA on the Map

Soil augmentation and water availability are improving plant nutrients for migrating ducks in the moist-soil units of Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA. By Jim Harris.

Hunters Take 157 Alligators

Bird Flu Found Along Mississippi Flyway

Avian influenza has been found in several Arkansas counties – find out how to report it and what to do in case you see dead or dying birds. By Jeff Williams and Randy Zellers.

Required Maintenance

Last-Second Shot 16 Years in the Making

When a couple of waterfowlers decided to take advantage of all-day hunting, they didn't expect to get a shot at a bird that maybe eluded others. By randy Zellers.

A Fresh Recipe for WRICE

An AGFC employee and avid specklebelly hunter explains why he loves the Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation program. By Wil Hafner.

AGFC Biologist to Lead New Division

Garrick Dugger, a 23-year veteran of the AGFC, is leading the charge for programs that will help get the most out of wildlife habitat partnerships. By Randy Zellers.

Arkansas Hunters Take 26 Elks

Youth hunter scores with anterless elk on Gene Rush WMA, and a 7x8 bull taken on private land in Searcy County could turn out to be a state record. By Randy Zellers.

Never Bet on a Boat Motor

This tale of a man and his boat motor is not a heartwarming as a man and his dog, although hunters can tell you that the attachment is almost as intimate. By Chris Sims.

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