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Arkansas Wildlife Magazine
Arkansas Wildlife Magazine

November/December 2019 Articles

December Double Comes Naturally
A hunter learns a solid truth after 34 years of roaming southern Arkansas: Deer hunting is 10 percent skill and a 90 percent mix of timing and luck. By Alan Johnson.             

Doramus Makes History; Overton Ends Journey

Hurricane Lake WMA Project a Marathon
If only clearing the water drainage in a wildlife management area were as simple as calling Roto-Rooter – it's much more complicated than that, of course. By Jim Harris.

Keep a Few for You

Gentleman Bob Is Waiting in the Wings
A lifeline of quail hunting revives long-lost memories and points out to today's hunters that northern bobwhite opportunities still exist in Arkansas. By Mike Widner.

An Ugly Start
Quail, butterflies and rabbits are beautiful sights – unlike the scars of burned fields and stacks of dead cedar trees that begin the process of building habitat. By Jeff Williams.

Similarities Are Only Skin-Deep
A study from the University of Arkansas reveals findings about subpopulations of white-tailed deer and interesting aspects of their genetic composition. By Jeff Williams

We Have Liftoff
Releasing an eagle back into the wild felt almost like a reenactment of the Wright Brothers' flight at Kitty Hawk. By Jim Harris.


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