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Spines help catfish live another day

July 29, 2020

CAMDEN – Fisheries biologists say the best way to determine a fish’s age is by the study of the otolith, a calcium carbonate structure in the inner ear that develops annual growth rings, like the rings inside a tree. The drawback to this process, though, is that a fish must be harvested to get to the otolith.

AGFC biologists round up Lake Erling catfish in rodeo for new study

July 8, 2020

TAYLOR – Biologists from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spent a week in June getting a good look at the size and scope of the flathead and blue catfish swimming the waters of Lake Erling, in the southwest corner of the state. The verdict from the study is yet to be determined until samples are analyzed, but the initial view is that Lake Erling has some big catfish, to be sure.