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‘Maybe next year’ finally arrives: Arkansas Wildlife Magazine feature

March 4, 2020

LITTLE ROCK — Each year, we hear hundreds of tales about a youngster’s first deer, turkey, squirrel or duck, and there’s never a single instance where a smile doesn’t cross our face at the AGFC to hear the news of today’s youth picking up the wholesome activity of enjoying the outdoors. In fact, the AGFC has a series of certificates available for proud new hunters to display when they take their first animal, be it a deer, duck, squirrel or fish.

Hunter takes first deer at 77 years old

Jan. 17, 2018

CAMDEN – You’re never too hold to harvest your first deer, as Ron Goza proved late last year.

Goza is 77, and the button buck he took recently allowed him to receive the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s certificate for “My First Deer.”