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Natural State fox at home in gray areas of habitat

April 12, 2023

Mention seeing a fox in the woods of Arkansas and most people will immediately think of a red animal with a white-tipped tail they’ve seen in depictions of European fox hunts or from animated films. The red fox is definitely at home in The Natural State, but another native fox species calls Arkansas home, and it may be even craftier than its ginger canid cousin.

River otters offer antics for winter wildlife watchers

Feb. 1, 2023

Photos by Chris Newberry

LITTLE ROCK — Conservation comeback stories often focus on the amazing return of white-tailed deer, the black bear in Arkansas and other game species, but one of The Natural State’s most charismatic critters also came back as a result of proper game management and habitat conservation. Once nearly wiped clean from Arkansas’s streams, the river otter now enjoys a healthy population which benefits not only trappers, but the many men and women who enjoy watching wildlife from a canoe, kayak or other watercraft.