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Turkey Surveys
Turkey in field with woods in background

Thank you for your interest in turkey management in The Natural State. The primary purpose for this survey is to gather more information on hunting activity, turkey gobbling, hunter success and hunter attitudes from Arkansas spring turkey hunters. There are sections on pre-season scouting, collecting data from harvested turkeys, and other observations. The information gathered in this survey is very helpful to turkey managers, as it complements information collected in other surveys, such as checked spring harvest, and the annual wild turkey brood survey. This information will be compiled into an annual report that will be available in the fall. More participants are needed in this survey; please help us by enlisting other hunters.


Good luck and safe hunting!


Scouting in Arkansas Hunting in Arkansas Hunting Out-of-State Harvest Data End-of-Season Comments

Use the links above to go to the different surveys, depending on your activity. Be sure to fill out and submit each section that applies to you, and also complete the questionnaire at the end. If you have questions, please contact the AGFC turkey program coordinator at 501-223-6318 or email