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Annual Wild Turkey and Northern Bobwhite Quail Population Survey

Thank you for your interest in wild turkey and northern bobwhite quail management in The Natural State. The primary purpose for this annual survey is to monitor wild turkey and northern bobwhite quail reproduction and population dynamics throughout the state of Arkansas. The data obtained allows managers to monitor trends in reproduction and populations, and help make regulatory recommendations as necessary to maintain sustainable populations.

This survey effort began in 1982 and was historically conducted by AGFC staff and other agency partners. Over the years the number of observations have declined resulting in less reliable data. Starting in 2019, this survey was opened to the general public in an effort to improve survey participation and distribution of observations throughout the state.

Participants are strongly encouraged to complete their survey entries using the Browser or Mobile App version of the survey below as it will allow for real time monitoring of observations and decrease the amount of data entry necessary following paper data submissions. However, for those that may not have consistent access to a computer or mobile device, the survey is available in paper form and can be printed from the PDF file available below, and mailed in each month to the Turkey or Quail Program Coordinator for data entry.

Instructions and aging guides are available by following the links under Helpful information. Please choose one of the following survey formats to participate: