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Annual Summer Turkey / Quail Brood Survey

Annual Summer Turkey / Quail Brood Survey

Thank you for your interest in turkey management in The Natural State. The primary purpose for this survey is to gather more information on wild turkey reproduction throughout the state of Arkansas. The Summer Brood Survey has been conducted since 1982 by AGFC staff and other agency partners. Over the years the number of observations has declined resulting in less reliable data. Starting in 2019, the Turkey Program is opening this survey up to the general public in an effort to improve survey participation and distribution of observations throughout the state. This information will be compiled into an annual report that will be available in late fall. This annual report will include information on the Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey, Spring Harvest, Brood Survey, and predictions for the following year's season.

If you are a natural resource professional (State, Federal Agency, Non-Governmental Organization, Forestry Company, or student in a natural resources field) that is interested in participating in the paper version of the survey, please contact Jeremy Wood via email at


This survey is available in two formats; 1) a PDF which can be printed, and 2) online using a computer, or by using a free mobile app for iPhone or Andriod phones. Instructions for the online versions, and a Poult Aging Guide are also available. Please choose one of the following survey formats to participate:

The Online/Mobile Survey is Temporarily UnavailableSurvey Temporarily Unavailable