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Fishing in the Natural State
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Fishing in the Natural State teaches Arkansas's youth basic angling skills and introduces them to the outdoor world of fishing. Carefully designed programs guide new anglers from the first introduction to a hook and line, all the way through on-the-water fishing experiences. It also combines the lessons learned in the outdoors with school-based curriculum, such as math, science and language arts, so it's the perfect substitute for a traditional classroom lesson.
Fishing in The Natural State Program


Who Can Participate?

The program is designed for groups of students in grades 4 through 12. You can be in the classroom, a 4-H club, a homeschool group, scout group or any other organized group of students.

Get as Deep Into Fishing as You Wish

The program events can be adapted to match your group's needs and level of experience. Four options currently are available to get youth involved:

  1. Basic Angling Skills Training with Fishing
    An event or class that combines basic angler education (casting, fish ID, basic tackle, knot-tying, cleaning and cooking your catch, aquatic education, fisheries management, fisheries issues, fish anatomy etc.) with a hands-on fishing opportunity. May be small or large groups. Basic tackle often provided. May be one or multiple sessions.
  2. Basic Angling Skills Training without Fishing
    An event or class that includes only basic angler education without on-the-water fishing experience. Great for students in grades 4 through 12.
  3. Advanced Angling Skills Training
    An event or class that focuses on advanced fishing techniques, well beyond basic programs. May focus on specific types of fishing or species-specific fishing education. Best for students in grades 9 through 12.
  4. Fishing Event
    A fishing derby or event with little or no education component. Basic instruction or tips may be provided while fishing.

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