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Monthly Commission Meeting, 10 a.m. (Fort Smith)

Temple Live, 200 N 11th St, Fort Smith, AR 72901

Sept. 20, 2018 at 10 a.m.

September 2018
September 19 – Frog Bayou WMA Tour
September 20 – Commission Meeting in Fort Smith


The regular monthly meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be held beginning at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, September 20, 2018, at the Temple Live Event Center, 200 North 11th Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901. At that time, regulations and business pertaining to the operation of the Game and Fish Commission and other fiscal and administrative matters will be considered and acted upon, and all interested persons are invited to attend. No committee meetings will be held on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Items on the agenda for the September 20, 2018, meeting will include adoption of proposed regulations that previously were considered at the August 16, 2018, Commission Meeting, plus consideration of various Hunting and Fishing Regulations and regulations pertaining to the Enforcement Division of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, including but not limited to:

2018-19 Fishing Regulations – Consider adopting previously-proposed general fishing regulations.

Aquatic Turtle Regulations – Consider adopting petition from third parties requesting amendments to certain regulations, and repeal of others, in AGFC Code Chapter 34.00–Aquatic Turtle Regulations to prohibit commercial harvesting of all aquatic turtles in the state, to become effective immediately. Also consider adopting alternate AGFC Fisheries Division proposal to amend Aquatic Turtle Regulations.

2018-2019 General Hunting Regulation – Consider adopting general hunting regulations for 2018-19 including, but not limited to:

  • Name public area along Village Creek in Jackson County approximately 3 miles east of Tuckerman, AR as “Village Creek Wildlife Management Area” and establish WMA hunting regulations as follows:
    • Deer - Open seasons for archery and modern gun deer hunting and close muzzleloader deer hunting; deer bag limit to include three deer, no more than two bucks (includes two bucks with archery or up to three does with archery); three-point rule; no dogs.
    • Quail - Close quail season to evaluate area as part of a quail focal landscape.
    • Alligator - Close alligator season.
    • Small Game and Furbearers - Open seasons for squirrel, rabbit, crow, gray fox, red fox, mink, striped skunk, opossum, bobcat, coyote, river otter, raccoon, muskrat, nutria, beaver, badger, spotted skunk and weasel hunting and trapping in line with the statewide seasons.
    • Feral Hogs - Prohibit taking of feral hogs during any open season.
    • Elk - Allow taking of elk in accordance with Statewide Elk Management Zone regulations.
    • Bear - Close firearm bear season.
    • Turkey - Open firearms hunt in line with special statewide youth turkey hunt with a bag limit of one legal turkey.
  • Amend regulation for duck season and limits to increase bag limit for pintail to two (2).
  • Amend regulation for non-resident waterfowl hunting permit requirements on certain WMAs to restrict non-resident waterfowl permit hunting to the following dates only:
    • First nine (9) days of the first segment of waterfowl season;
    • First twelve (12) days of the third segment; and
    • Last nine (9) days of the third segment.

All persons wishing to be heard on these subjects should submit comments in writing to this office before the start of the September 20, 2018, meeting (preferably by 4:30 p.m. on the day before). Any request to make an oral presentation at the meeting should be submitted in writing to this office on or before September 10, 2018. Copies of any proposed rules or regulations may be obtained at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission main office, at, or through a written request mailed to the address below.

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Game & Fish Commission Building
2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205