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Calendar of Events.

New for This Year

  • General Use WMA Permits

    Who needs a General Use WMA Permit?

    Anyone 16 and older who is hunting or trapping on any wildlife management area must have a General Use WMA Permit code on their license. The permit is free. It is an extension of the former Sweet 16 Program.

    What is the General Use WMA Permit used for?

    The AGFC is using this permit to determine exactly how many people are using WMAs and will be able to survey them directly about the WMAs they hunt and their experiences and satisfaction on those WMAs. It does not extend any additional privileges to the hunter.

  • Nonresident Waterfowl WMA Permits

    What changes were made to permits for nonresidents hunting waterfowl on WMAs? (only required during regular duck season)

    The following changes were made for the 2018-19 waterfowl season:

    • The Annual Nonresident Waterfowl WMA Permit has been eliminated.
    • The price for the 5-day Nonresident Waterfowl WMA Permit has increased to $30.50.
    • Nonresidents may purchase up to six 5-day Nonresident Waterfowl WMA Permits per season.
    • Hunters must specify a single WMA the 5-day Nonresident Waterfowl WMA Permit will be valid for at the time of purchase.

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