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Sponsor a Derby
Aquatic Resources Education (ARE)
Sponsor a Derby

 Annual derby requests must be submitted by Dec.15

Derby Reporting

Submit within 30 days after the derby 

  • New or first-time derbies | Submit online Form 1 (below) at least 60 days before the derby date. No new derbies will be accepted with a date between May 15 and June 20. No exceptions.
  • Annual or repeat derbies | Submit online Form 1 (below) by December 15. If you have not received your derby confirmation letter within 45 days of submission, please call the ARE office at 501-676-6963.
  • Derby Application Packet | Rules and Guidelines,Things to Remember, Helpful Tips for a Successful Event 
  • Volunteer Timesheet
  • Form 1-A | Complete this form only if your derby is located at one of the following ponds: 
    • Cabot: Cabot Community Pond
    • Hot Springs: Entergy Park Pond, Family Park Pond
    • Little Rock: Boyle Park Pond, Conner Park, Hindman Park, MacArthur Park, Western Hills Pond
    • Mayflower: Camp Robinson Firing Range Pond