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Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers. Clean. Drain. Dry.

Prevention is the first line of defense

Everyone can make a difference in the fight against invasive species by learning about how to prevent their introduction and movement.

Water hyacinth

  • Learn to recognize common invaders and keep an eye out for signs of new ones.
  • Report sightings to Arkansas ANS Taskforce or the national Aquatic Nuisance Species Hotline.
  • Inspect boats, trailers, and recreational equipment before use and after use.
  • Remove all plants and animals and dispose of these organisms where they will not reenter the water.
  • Thoroughly clean and drain all boats, kayaks, canoes, and recreational gear after use.
  • Allow watercraft to dry completely before launching into another body of water.
  • Do not release live fish, including bait, into a new body of water.
  • Buy pets from reputable dealers whose non-native animals are properly labeled, legally imported, and not harboring invasive pests and diseases.
  • Do not release unwanted pets into the environment. If you no longer want your pet, return it to a local pet shop for resale or trade, give it to another hobbyist, or donate it to a school, nursing home, or hospital.
  • Avoid growing or buying plants known to be invasive. Contact your or state Department of Natural Resources or local plant societies of a list of plants native to your area.
  • Don’t dump aquatic plants or aquarium water into local waters. Many plants for water gardens and aquaria are highly invasive.
  • Take action! Join a volunteer invasive species monitoring or eradication group. These outings are a great way to get some exercise, meet new friends, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to protect our environment.