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Community Hunts Mentor Assistance Program
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Arkansans have a long tradition of passing on the outdoors. Many organizations and clubs continue to introduce the next generation of hunter to the woods, and many more are willing to begin the journey. The AGFC’s Community Hunts Mentor Assistance Program is the perfect avenue to get assistance to make your mentored hunt a success.

Organizations such as scout troops, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, church groups, and community outreach programs are encouraged to sponsor community hunts and let us help make these hunts a success. Large hunting clubs looking to promote the outdoors through organized beginner hunts also are welcome.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, along with organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Forever, Delta Waterfowl and others can play a support role in these hunts. This support can include information, knowledge, equipment and personnel to ensure safe, fun, educational, and ethical hunts.

Community Hunts groups should include a hunt leader, support volunteers to help with the hunt, land to hunt on and a list of interested beginner hunters who will participate. The AGFC and its partners can help locate support volunteers, land owners willing to allow a hunt on their property and beginning hunters if needed.

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