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Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program

Archery is a great way to sharpen skills, build self-esteem and create a stronger atmosphere for success in the classroom.

The Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program – part of the National Archery in the Schools Program – targets students as young as fourth grade and as old as high school seniors. They learn archery skills, as well as an outdoor hobby they may enjoy for the rest of their lives.

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Benefits of Archery
Kids of many physical skill levels can enjoy archery. A little concentration and hand-to-eye coordination is all it takes. Not only will students enjoy archery in the classroom, they’ll get the chance to display their skills at a state archery tournament sponsored by the AGFC.

Arkansas students will join thousands of others across the U.S. and Canada who have enjoyed and learned from NASP.

Beginning is Easy
Archery is fun and beneficial in many ways, but it’s also relatively inexpensive and simple. ANASP requires a Genesis bow with a universal draw length and a wide range of draw weights. It works for just about everyone, right- or left-handed. Young archers love this bow, which comes in a variety of colors.

A NASP kit, which costs about $2,500, includes:

  • 11 Genesis Bows
  • 5 Targets
  • 1 Backstop
  • 60 Regulation Aluminum Arrows
  • 1 Repair Kit

Sources of Funds
Money for ANASP may come from many sources, including Act 799 of 2003, which sends fine money collected from violators of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regulations to all 75 counties. The money is earmarked for conservation education in schools.

The AGFC may offer grants for archery equipment. Contact the AGFC for more information at 800-364-4263. Conservation groups also may be interested in helping support ANASP.

Arkansas Outdoor Skills Network

Have you ever wanted to try hunting or harvest your own food? The Outdoor Skills Network is your one-stop resource for events offered by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and a network of partners who conduct opportunities to engage your outdoor skills in hunting, fishing, trapping, safety, wildlife, marksmanship, and more!

Event types and descriptions are merely guidelines to help you choose what is best for you -- they are not prerequisites.


2020-2021 ANASP School Report | Deadline April 30, 2021

General Information

2021 NASP Order and Tax Forms
Click on the link above for the following forms on the NASP website. Prices are effective through December 31, 2020.

Order Forms

  • Public Schools/Government and Private Schools/Non-Profit 
  • Mini, Parts, Scorecard, Paper Face 
  • Target Replacement, 3D, Paper Face
  • Arrow Parts
  • Bowcase, Banner, Stringbow, Armguard
  • Bow Parts
  • Academic Archer Patch, Decal
  • BAI/Scorecard
  • Arrow Wall
  • Online Store


  • Federal Excise Tax (FET) | Public Schools/Government Only
  • NASP W-9 | Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

ANASP Program Forms

All Basic Archery Instructor training counts as 6 hours of Professional Development credit. To check for available classes in your area, click on the calendar tab. 

If your school would like to host a BAI training session, please complete the BAI Training Request Form and email to Curtis Gray, ANASP Coordinator.

National Tournament Information


Top 5 Individual Winners

High School
Scholarships totaling $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000 and $500 will be presented to the top five finishers in each of the girls and boys divisions.

Females | Name/Score/School
1. Victoria Allison, 290, Columbia Christian School
2. Brandi Hagan, 288, Alpena High School
3. Abby Strother, 288, Oden High School
4. Lexi Hall, 288, De Queen High School
5. Annie Strother, 287, Oden High School
Males | Name/Score/Shool
1. Justin Young, 296, Greene County Tech High School
2. Dylan Brown, 294, Waldron High School
3. Ben Bufford, 293, Pangburn High School
4. Devon Wolf, 291, Omaha High School
5. Patrick Poor, 291, Waldron High School


Middle School
Females | Name/Score/School
1. Ava Martinez, 283, Charleston Middle School
2. Taylor Couthren, 281, Charleston Middle School
3. Hannah Hanson, 281, Washington Junior High
4. Ella Curry, 279, Alpena High School
5. Keeley Nikkel, 276, Bergman School
Males | Name/Score/School
1. Tate Meadows, 291, Washington Middle School
2. Brody Little, 289, Barton Jr. High
3. Trent Mudgett, 285, Valley Springs High School
4. Javan McGowan, 283, Greene County Tech Middle School
5. Tanner Stark, 282, Charleston Middle School


Elementary School
Females | Name/Score/School
1. Gracelyn Sinclair, 269, West Side Christian School
2. Lilianna Green, 261, Arkansas Arts Academy
3. Maleah Treat, 260, Eagle Mountain Magnet
4. Madelyn Whittle, 260, Old High Middle School
5. Sophie Krug, 259, Eagle Mountain Magnet
Males | Name/Score/School
1. Hayes Kibe, 280, Sulphur Rock Magnet
2. Dalton Farris, 270, Parkers Chapel
3. Levi Ledbetter, 269, Perryville Elementary
4. Case Allison, 263, Greene County Tech Int. School
5. Colton Cunningham, 263, Hamburg Elementary



Top 10 Team Scores

High School
Place/Team Score
11. 3366 Greene County Tech High School
12. 3350 Waldron High School
13. 3345 Alpena High School
14. 3311 Oden High School
15. 3307 El Dorado High School
16. 3306 Valley Springs High School
17. 3269 Bergman School
18. 3196 Cabot High School
19. 3196 Pangburn High School
10. 3173 De Queen High School
Middle School
Place/Team Score
11. 3253 Charleston Middle School
12. 3164 Greene County Tech Middle School
13. 3158 Alpena High School
14. 3123 Taylor Middle School
15. 3117 Bryant Middle School
16. 3117 Washington Junior High
17. 3109 Bergman School
18. 3085 Valley Springs High School
19. 3076 Old High Middle School 
10. 3059 Barton Jr. High
Elementary School
Place/Team Score
11. 2963 Eagle Mountain Magnet 
12. 2834 Charleston Elementary
13. 2812 Old High Middle School
14. 2810 Hamburg Elementary
15. 2717 Greene County Tech Int. School
16. 2700 Parkers Chapel
17. 2659 Bergman School
18. 2637 Perryville Elementary
19. 2596 Rena Elementary School
10. 2585 Taylor Elementary


Program Coordinator