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Third Thursday Cooking Series (Yellville)

Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek, 851 Conservation Lane, Yellville, AR 72687

June 17, 2021 at 6 p.m. – July 15, 2021

Third Thursday Cooking Series

Third Thursday Cooking with...

Each third Thursday evening, the staff at Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek provides an opportunity to learn about outdoor activities or Arkansas wildlife. Along with the program, we'll learn an outdoor cooking technique. Each month will feature an opportunity to learn about our natural world and share some tasty food. COVID-19 restrictions will be followed.

  • April 15 Cooking With Satellites
    Learn to use GPS for geocaching and orienteering.
    >>Sample some different ways to make s'mores.
  • Canceled...May 20 Cooking With Cool Light
    Fireflies are emerging for the summer. Learn more about these amazing beetles and how to encourage them to come to your yard.
    >>Easy Dutch oven cooking.
  • June 17 Cooking With Jazz Hands
    Bats are the only mammals that truly fly. Learn more about these fascinating Arkansas natives.
    >>Cooking over an open fire.
  • July 15 Cooking With Bloodsuckers
    Ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes fill our summer thoughts, but these bloodsuckers fill important roles in nature. Perhaps we can gain a new appreciation for them.
    >>Dutch oven cooking.

Registration is required by calling 870-449-3484 or email

For more information, call 870-449-3484 at the Fred Berry Conservation Education Center.

There is no fee for this program thanks to your support of the 1/8 Cent Conservation Fund.