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ANASP Instructions - Registration

Getting started


Click/tap on Coach Signup.

Fill out your information and click on create account.

You will be redirected to the registration page. There you will select add a team.

Add teams

On the Coach Home Page , under Teams click on Add Team.

Fill out the form and click/tap Save Team. Start typing names for the assistant coach and the school. A list of options will appear.

If your school is not listed on the form, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Add players

If you were not redirected to the page to add players to the team, on Coach Home click on See Teams under Teams.

Previously registered players will be listed under Existing Players. You can click/tap on the boxes associated with desired players and click Add Players

You can also click on Add New Player to add a player who is not listed under the existing ones.

Also, you can choose to remove a player from the team by clicking on Remove Players.

Register for tournament

To register for a tournament click on See Teams under the Coach Home Page

Under the desired team, click on the yellow box called Register for a Tournament

Select the tournament you are registering in.

Select the players you want on your team's roster for the Tournament.

Click on Save Roster. You will receive an email confirmation.

You can check your roster under See Rosters.

You can edit your roster by repeating this process.

Delete teams

On the See Teams Page scroll to the team you would like to delete and click on Edit Team.

Click on the red box Delete Team, and confirm.

If you see a message saying you need to delete the roster first, follow the instructions below on how to Delete rosters.

Delete rosters

On the See Rosters Page scroll to the roster you would like to delete and click on located on the right side of the page. And select Yes on the following page.

Note: Rosters that are assigned to a flight time can not be deleted.

More information

If you need help with registration process please email Leah Moseley at