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Persons recording score via the scantron machine at tournaments will need to follow these steps periodically throughout the day. Loading scores repeatedly throughout the day will allow participates to review their scores earlier in the day.

As scantron's are read, they will be uploaded into the NASP program.

Between flights the scoring person can export the "csv" file via the export button seen in the picture.

After pressing the "Export" button, you will need to choose a location and name for the file. On your "Desktop" or "Documents" folder will be fine, just remember where you placed it.

After exporting the file you will browse to your Coach Home Page. Listed here will be a "Coordinator" section. Click on the tournament you are scoring.

On the right hand side you will see the option to "Choose File." Click this. At this point you will browse to where you saved the "csv" file from the export step above. Select this file.
Then press "Update Tournament" in the bottom right hand corner. This will upload the new scores file to AGFC's servers, and the scores will be processed.

At the end of the day, once all scores have been uploaded you will need to verify that the scores are correct. When you are satisfied with the scores and any discrepancies have been corrected. Check the "Certified" box, and press "Update Tournament"