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One goal of AGFC is to bring the joys of hunting, fishing and watching wildlife to eveyone from toddlers to teens. Check back often as we continue to add fun publications and helpful guides, just for you!

Beginners Fishing Guide

If you’re already a fisherman, then you know the thrill of anticipation. If you’re not an angler, this publication will help you get started.
Download PDF | 3.54 Mb

Arkansas Birds Coloring Book

If you listen and look closely, you’ll find birds, no matter where you live. We’re lucky in Arkansas because many kinds of birds live here and many more fly through our state during migrations every spring and fall.
Download PDF | 0.75 Mb

Arkansas Fish Coloring Book

Arkansas has a great variety of fish. It has more kinds of fish than all except five states, and each one of those states is bigger than Arkansas. We’re lucky to be able to enjoy and catch so many kinds.
Download PDF | 2.17 Mb

Arkansas Mammals Coloring Book

Mammals are a group of animals with several things in common. First, they all have mammary glands, which are body parts used by the females to feed milk to their babies. This is how scientists gave mammals their name.
Download PDF | 1.04 Mb

Mud Bugs | All About Arkansas Crayfish Activity Book

Download PDF | 0.77 Mb

Enforcement Coloring Book

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