What's New 

10/04/2014 4H Day of Service WILD Arkansas Cleanup (Bodcau Creek)
11/13/2014 Education Barge Tours | Boat Tour and Lock and Dam Tour on the Arkansas River (Fort Smith)
11/13/2014 BOW Basics: Decorative Decoys (Jonesboro)
11/29/2014 Ornaments Inspired by Nature (Jonesboro)
12/12/2014 Junior Duck Stamp Art Exhibit (Little Rock)
12/18/2014 Forest Management for Landowners (Sheridan)
12/18/2014 Family Night on the Prairie: Let's Get Quacking (Columbus)
12/20/2014 Beginning Archery and a visit from Santa (Pine Bluff)
01/30/2015 Whitetail Headgear (Little Rock))
02/18/2015 - 02/21/2015 Trout Fishing Clinic and Derby (Pearcy/Hot Springs)
02/19/2015 AGFC Night at UALR Basketball Game
03/11/2015 AGFC Conservation Day at the State Capitol
03/12/2015 Early Arkansas Frontier - The Cook's Lake Rendezvous (Casscoe)
03/14/2015 5th Annual AHFH Team Fishing Tournament (Lake Hamilton)
03/14/2015 Beginning Archery (Pine Bluff)
03/17/2015 Turkey Hunting (Little Rock)
03/17/2015 Education Barge Tours | Evening on the Arkansas River (Fort Smith)
04/04/2015 Rick Evans Grandview AYSSP Local Tournament (Columbus)
04/18/2015 Managing Private Lands for Elk Workshop (Ponca)
04/25/2015 Fishing Derby (Monticello)
05/02/2015 AGFC Night at Dickey-Stephens Park, Arkansas Travelers vs. Springfield Cardinals
05/15/2015 AGFC Night at Arvest Ballpark (Springdale)
05/16/2015 NWTF Wildlife Field Day for Landowners, Foresters and Sportsmen (Scott Henderson Gulf Mountain WMA)
05/29/2015 - 05/30/2015 Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry Catfish Round-Up (Statewide)
06/12/2015 Education Barge Tours | After Dark (Fort Smith)
06/13/2015 Arkansas Black Bears (Casscoe)
06/20/2015 Fishing Derby (Searcy)
06/20/2015 Pollination Celebration (Little Rock)
06/30/2015 Summer Fishing Clinics | Beginning Fly-Tying for Kids (Fort Smith)
07/11/2015 Fishing Derby (Conway)
07/16/2015 Children's Fishing Derby (Little Rock)
07/25/2015 Fishing Derby (Fort Smith)
08/01/2015 Make a Toad Abode (Pine Bluff)
08/07/2015 Marksmanship Challenge (Pine Bluff)
08/08/2015 Birds Of Prey (Casscoe)
08/15/2015 - 12/05/2015 Experience the Hunt
08/18/2015 Education Barge Tours | After Dark (Fort Smith)
08/22/2015 Sportsman's Swap Meet (Pine Bluff)
08/29/2015 Bug Jars (Jonesboro)
09/05/2015 2015 Catfishing for a Cause Benefit Fishing Tournament and Fun Day (Tar Camp Park)
09/12/2015 Bull Shoals-White River State Park Area Cleanup
09/15/2015 - 09/16/2015 Nature Conservancy Arkansas Cleanup Event (Sweden Creek Falls Natural Area)
09/19/2015 Nature Quilters Quilt Show (Pine Bluff)
09/19/2015 Kids' Conservation Day (Casscoe)
09/19/2015 Nature Conservancy Arkansas Cleanup Event (Cherokee Prairie Natural Area)
09/25/2015 Used AGFC Equipment Auction at Joe Hogan Hatchery (Lonoke)
10/03/2015 Laser Shots (Pine Bluff)
10/24/2015 All About Opossums (Pine Bluff)
10/29/2015 Fellowship Men Presents: Bucks & Ducks (Little Rock)
10/31/2015 Arkansas's Prehistoric Wildlife (Casscoe)
10/31/2015 National Bat Week: No Mosquitoes (Ponca)
11/01/2015 Dutch Oven Workshop (Little Rock)
12/02/2015 Feral Hog Management Workshop (Fort Smith)
12/10/2015 Beginner Trout Fishing Clinic (Little Rock)
12/11/2015 Nature Nights: Turtles of Arkansas
12/12/2015 Duck Hunting Workshop (Fort Smith)
12/13/2015 Tim Ernst, Arkansas's Wilderness Photographer (Little Rock)
12/15/2015 Nature Night: Dutch Oven Lid Lifter (Fort Smith)
12/19/2015 Turtles of Arkansas (Jonesboro)
12/19/2015 Nature Christmas Ornaments (Columbus)
01/02/2016 New Year’s Prairie Walk (Columbus)
01/08/2016 Nature Nights: Beginning Fly-Tying (Fort Smith)
01/09/2016 Let’s Get Quackin’ (Jonesboro)
01/09/2016 Winter's Travelers (Columbus)
01/30/2016 Owls of Arkansas (Jonesboro)
01/30/2016 Whitetail Headgear (Little Rock)
01/31/2016 Wings Over Arkansas | I’d rather be birding (Little Rock)
02/04/2016 Rescheduled...Introduction to Waterfowl Hunting (Jonesboro)
02/06/2016 Goose Hunting the Conservation Order (Pine Bluff)
02/12/2016 Nature Nights: DIY Bird Feeders (Fort Smith)
02/13/2016 Valentines for the Birds (Jonesboro)
02/16/2016 Nature Nights: Introduction to Geology (Fort Smith)
02/18/2016 The Sixth Mass Extinction (Yellville)
02/20/2016 All about Alligators (Pine Bluff)
02/27/2016 Nature Crafts: Design your own Fishing Lure (Pine Bluff)
02/27/2016 Prescribed Burning Private Land Workshop (Bentonville)
03/05/2016 Arkansas Wildlife and Landscapes (Fort Smith)
03/05/2016 Bluebird Basics (Little Rock)
03/12/2016 Artifact I.D. Day (Pine Bluff)
03/12/2016 Talkin' Turkey (Jonesboro)
03/12/2016 Prescribed Burning Private Land Workshop (Little Rock)
03/12/2016 Turkey Hunting 101 (Fort Smith)
03/13/2016 Feral Hog Management (Little Rock)
03/15/2016 Nature Night: Wild Edible Plants (Fort Smith)
03/19/2016 Prescribed Burning Private Land Workshop (Yellville)
03/26/2016 GOURDeous Birdhouses (Jonesboro)
03/26/2016 Beekeeping for Beginners (Yellville)
04/02/2016 The Sixth Mass Extinction (Ponca)
04/08/2016 Nature Nights: An Evening with the Snakes of Arkansas (Fort Smith)
04/09/2016 Turkey Hunting Basics (Pine Bluff)
04/16/2016 Nature Crafts: Froggy Face Mask (Pine Bluff)
04/16/2016 What Doesn't Belong in Arkansas? (Fort Smith)
04/16/2016 Arkansas Literary Festival (Little Rock)
04/19/2016 Nature Nights: Evening Canoes on Wells Lake (Fort Smith)
04/23/2016 Float and Photograph Bayou Bartholomew (Pine Bluff)
04/29/2016 Retirement Toast and Roast Reception Honoring Steve “Wild Man” Wilson (Little Rock)
04/30/2016 Beginning Trout Fishing (Heber Springs)
04/30/2016 Birding Basics (Pine Bluff)
04/30/2016 Cook's Lake Interpretive Water Trail (Casscoe)
05/04/2016 - 05/05/2016 Catfishing Clinic & Fishing Event (Maumelle)
05/13/2016 Nuisance Bat Control Workshop (Bentonville)
05/13/2016 Nature Nights: Star Party and Jupiter Viewing (Fort Smith)
05/14/2016 Interpretive Water Trail | Lake Hickson Access (Dagmar WMA)
05/17/2016 Nature Nights: Backyard Gardening (Fort Smith)
05/21/2016 - 05/22/2016 Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth (Yellville)
05/21/2016 Arkansas Black Bears (Pine Bluff)
05/28/2016 Arkansas Owls (Ponca)
05/28/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
05/28/2016 The Sixth Mass Extinction (Fort Smith)
05/28/2016 Beginning Fly Fishing (Heber Springs)
05/31/2016 Canoe Fishing on Torraine Lake (Fort Smith)
06/10/2016 Nature Nights: Owl Prowl (Fort Smith)
06/11/2016 Nature Crafts: Make a Butterfly Feeder (Pine Bluff)
06/11/2016 Cook's Lake Water Trail (Casscoe)
06/12/2016 Eagle Encounter (Little Rock)
06/18/2016 Intermediate Trout Fishing (Heber Springs)
06/18/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
07/02/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
07/16/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
07/23/2016 Antique Fishing Tackle and Lure ID and Evaluation (Little Rock)
07/23/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
07/30/2016 Butterfly Garden Workshop (Casscoe)
08/13/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
08/16/2016 Nature Nights: The Endangered American Burying Beetle (Fort Smith)
08/20/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)
09/03/2016 Hummingbird Banding Program (Casscoe)