About this Species 

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Name:Yellow Bullhead Catfish
Scientific Name: Ictalurus natalis
Range:Streams, ponds and reservoirs statewide.
Habits and Habitat:This small catfish, which rarely grows to a foot long, spawns in early summer. It feeds on aquatic insects, crustaceans and fish. It is distinguished from the other two bullheads by its white “barbels” (chin whiskers). Like other catfish, it uses its highly developed sense of smell to find food as it feeds at night.
Fish Fact: Sometimes mistakenly stocked as channel catfish, bullheads quickly overpopulate a pond and crowd out desirable species.
As A Group:Bullheads generally are thought to have a strong, unpleasant flavor and are not considered highquality table fare. Their flavor may be associated with the type of water they live in and the food available.
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Joe Tomelleri