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Name:Wood Duck
Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Aix sponsa
Description:A very colorful, medium-sized duck with white patches on its face and a red bill. It’s easy to identify: The male has a large iridescent crest on its head and bright red eyes. Females sport duller colors with white eye patches. Known as “woody.”
Habit:This duck is found in wooded swamps, river edges and ponds. Feeds on acorns, seeds, fruits and aquatic insects. Wood ducks nest across the U.S. and southern Canada. Hens nest in holes in trees (they’re equipped with “claws” on their webbed feet) or nest boxes and lay 6-15 eggs each spring.
State Occurrence: Statewide all year and common in all forested wetlands, especially those with trees with cavities.
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