About this Species 

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Name:White Crappie
Scientific Name: Pomoxis annularis
Habits and Habitat:White crappie are found in natural and manmade lakes, as well as slow-moving streams and river backwaters. They can tolerate murkier water than black crappie. White crappie spawn when the water reaches 62 to 65 degrees in spring. They feed primarily on minnows and other small fish.
Fish Fact: Most anglers focus on crappie only in spring, when they’re up shallow spawning, but some anglers have learned to chase them year-round by trolling crankbaits or dragging jigs and minnows on multiple poles (spider rigging).
As A Group:White crappie and black crappie are some of Arkansas’s most prized sport fish, thanks to their delicious flavor. Both have large mouths with a thin membrane behind the lips that gives them the nickname, “papermouths.”
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Joe Tomelleri