About this Species 

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Name:Western Ribbon Snake
Family:Terrestrial Snakes
Scientific Name: Thamnophis proximus
Description:Keeled scales. A striped snake with a yellow or orange stripe down center of back, and two creamy yellow stripes on the sides. These light stripes are separated by two wide, black stripes along the back. Head is black with a yellow or orange spot on the top. Belly is cream-colored or very pale green. Young patterned like adults. Adults average 20-30 inches in length.
Habits and Habitat:Prefers to live near the edges of swamps, sloughs, marshes, oxbow lakes, rivers and streams. Active March-October and breeds April-May. Gives live birth to an average of 12 young in August-September. The primary foods are amphibians and small fish. Occasionally eats earthworms. A member of the garter snake group, often called “garden snakes.”
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Suzanne Collins