About this Species 

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Name:Texas Coral Snake
Family:Venomous Snakes
Scientific Name: Micrurus tener
Description:Smooth scales. Head and body banded in brilliant red, yellow and black; bands completely encircle body. Young are patterned like adults. Adults average 20-30 inches in length. Remember the saying, “Red touch black, venom lack; red touch yellow, kill a fellow.”
Range:Southern Arkansas, west of the Ouachita River and south of the Little Missouri River.
Habits and Habitat:Prefers moist pine, hardwood or mixed pine-hardwood forests with loose, sandy soils and pine straw, leaf litter and logs for cover. Active late February through mid-November. Active in early morning or at dusk when humidity is high. Also active at night after rains during summer months. Lays 2-12 eggs in spring, hatching in August-September. Feeds on lizards and small snakes.
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Suzanne Collins