About this Species 

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Name:Snow Goose
Scientific Name: Chen caerulescens
Description:The white phase is white all over and the blue phase is a dark bluish-gray with a white head. The wing tips of this medium-sized goose are bordered with black feathers in both color phases. Both phases have pink feet and bills. The bill has a small, black “grin patch” that makes it look like it is smiling. Blue phase often called blue geese. Males and females are colored similarly.
Habit:This goose is most common in dry or moist agricultural fields during winter, where it feeds on grains, whole plants and plant parts. Snow geese nest in Alaska’s northern tundra across Canada to Greenland. Females lay 2-6 eggs in a nest scraped into the ground.
State Occurrence: Can be found statewide during winter but is most common in the Mississippi River Delta. Usually seen in large, noisy flocks.
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