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Name:Smooth Earth Snake
Family:Woodland Snakes
Scientific Name: Virginia valeriae
Description:Smooth or weakly keeled scales. A plain- colored snake, body is brown, gray or red-brown. Belly is white, cream-colored or light yellow. Young resemble adults. Adults 7-10 inches in length.
Range:Ozark Plateau, Ouachita Mountains and Coastal Plain. Absent from Crowley’s Ridge and Mississippi Delta.
Habits and Habitat:This small snake is active from April-October in moist forests with ample rocks, logs or leaf litter to hide under. It breeds in spring or fall and gives live birth in late summer to 2-14 young. Like many other small woodland snakes, it eats earthworms, slugs and soft-bodied insects. Much of this snake’s former habitat has been converted to other uses for human activities.
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Suzanne Collins