About this Species 

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Name:Smallmouth Bass
Family:Black Bass
Scientific Name: Micropterus dolomieui
Range:Throughout the cool, clear streams of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains and foothills, and in some deep, clear reservoirs.
Habits and Habitat:Spawning usually begins when surface water temperature reaches about 57 degrees in early April. Smallmouth feed on crayfish, amphibians and fish. Some may reach 12 years old. They lurk among woody debris, boulders, overhangs and other structures in streams.
Fish Fact: Smallmouth are considered to be the hardest-fighting bass pound for pound, and often strike a lure multiple times. They are prized by float fishermen.
As A Group:In general, largemouth bass are found in slower, murkier reaches of streams; smallmouth live in the clear headwaters, and spotted bass in between.
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Joe Tomelleri