About this Species 

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Name:Scarlet Snake
Family:Coral Snake Mimics
Scientific Name: Cemophora coccinea
Description:Harmless. Smooth scales. Orange or red incomplete bands, bordered with black, on a white or yellowish cream base. Belly white or yellowish cream, without markings; snout is pointed. Young are patterned like adults. Adults 14-20 inches in length. Remember the saying, “Red touch black, venom lack.”
Habits and Habitat:Pine, hardwood or mixed pine-hardwood forests, with loose or sandy soils. Active March-October, active at night or after rains during hot weather. Breeds in spring, lays 3-8 eggs in June. Eggs hatch in August or September. A constrictor, feeding primarily on lizards, small snakes and reptile eggs. Uses pointed snout to burrow in loose soils.
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Suzanne Collins