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Name:Ruddy Duck
Family:Stiff-Tailed Ducks
Scientific Name: Oxyura jamaicensis
Description:Small, chubby duck with stiff tail feathers that can be pointed straight up. Males are reddish with white cheeks, a black cap and blue bill. Females are light brown underneath with brown wings, white cheeks and a brown cap. Very mobile on the water, but almost helpless on land.
Habit:The only stiff-tailed duck common to North America. Feeds on aquatic vegetation, insects and aquatic invertebrates. Ruddy ducks nest from Arizona north to northern Canada and east to the central U.S. Hens lay about 8 eggs in nests constructed in cattail and bulrush over wetlands.
State Occurrence: Ruddy ducks can be found in large groups near the shores of large reservoirs across Arkansas during winter.
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Female and male