About this Species 

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Name:Ross’ Goose
Scientific Name: Chen rossii
Description:The smallest of North America’s geese, Ross’ goose is white with black feathers on its wing tips. Its bill is dark reddish-pink and its legs and feet are paler pink. Male Ross’ geese are slightly larger than females. It has a relatively short neck, and its bill lacks the snow goose’s black “grin patch.” Ross’ geese have a higher-pitched call than snow geese.
Habit:This goose is found in dry or moist agricultural fields, feeding on grains, whole plants and plant parts. Ross’ geese nest in the Arctic Tundra of Alaska and Canada with snow geese. Females lay 3-4 eggs in a shallow scrape lined with vegetation and down.
State Occurrence: Can be found statewide during winter but most common in the Mississippi River Delta. Usually seen mixed with large flocks of snow geese.