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Name:Ringneck Snake
Family:Woodland Snakes
Scientific Name: Diadophis punctatus
Description:Smooth scales. Head and body can be gray-black, blue-black or gray-brown. Belly is yellow with black spots. Conspicuous yellow or light orange ring around the neck. Young patterned like adults. Adults 10-14 inches in length.
Range:Statewide, but only two records known east of the White River.
Habits and Habitat:This snake can be found in forests, woodland edges, pastures and rocky glades. It is active from March-November, most often found under cover of rocks or logs. Breeds March-April and lays 2-10 eggs that hatch August-September. Primarily eats earthworms, but insects, small lizards and salamanders have also been reported as foods.
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Suzanne Collins