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Name:Queen Snake
Family:Crayfish/Mud Snakes
Scientific Name: Regina septemvittata
Description:Keeled scales. Body is dark brown or slate, with cream-colored or yellow stripes along the sides of the body just above the belly. Belly is cream or yellow with two dark stripes. In older females, the belly may be dark. Young patterned like adults. Adults average 15-24 inches in length.
Range:Restricted to isolated streams in the Ozark Plateau.
Habits and Habitat:Occurs along the margins of rocky bottomed streams, marshes, oxbow lakes, rivers and streams. Active from late March-October, this snake breeds in spring or fall and 7-10 young are born August-September. Feeds on crayfish, small fish and aquatic insect larvae. Arkansas has the only population of this species west of the Mississippi River.
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Suzanne Collins