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Name:Prairie Kingsnake
Family:Terrestrial Snakes
Scientific Name: Lampropeltis calligaster
Description: Smooth, shiny scales. A brown, brown-gray or tan snake, patterned with darker brown or red-brown dark-edged, saddle-shaped blotches and bands. Top of head usually displays backward-pointing arrowhead mark. Old adults often become very dark. Belly is white or yellow with dark rectangular markings. Young patterned like adults, but more brightly colored. Adults average 30-42 inches in length.
Range:Almost statewide, apparently absent east of the White River.
Habits and Habitat:Occurs in open forests, pastures and prairie habitats. Active by day from March-October; nocturnal during hot summer months. Mates in spring, lays 5-17 eggs that hatch August-September. A constrictor that eats rodents, lizards and small snakes.
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Suzanne Collins