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Name:Northern Water Snake
Family:Water Snakes
Scientific Name: Nerodia sipedon
Description:Keeled scales. Light brown or gray with dark brown or reddish-brown bands on fore-body and alternating rows of brown and gray blotches on back and sides of hind-body. Light belly with dark brown, orange, yellow, red and gray half-moons. Young are brightly colored; patterned like adults. Adults 24-42 inches in length.
Range:Statewide, but uncommon in the Delta.
Habits and Habitat:Most commonly seen water snake in reservoirs and fast-flowing streams and rivers. Active March-October; active at night during summer. Mating occurs in spring and 6-30 young are born July-September. Feeds on fish and frogs. As with the other water snakes, this snake is often misidentified as the venomous cottonmouth or copperhead and is needlessly killed by uninformed individuals.
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Suzanne Collins