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Name:Northern Pintail
Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Anas acuta
Description:A medium-sized bird with a long, slender neck, gray bill and pointed tail. Male has a dark reddish head and white stripes from the base of the neck to the head. Female is mottled brown and is similar to mallard hens except for a long, slender neck and pale face. Pintails sometimes are called “sprigs.”
Habit:Pintails prefer natural wetlands, as well as flooded agricultural fields. They frequent brackish wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico, too. Feed primarily on seeds, grains and aquatic insects. Nests in the north-central U.S. and the Prairie Pothole Region of central Canada. Hens lay 3-12 greenish eggs in nests lined with vegetation and down.
State Occurrence: Look for northern pintails during winter in the Mississippi River Delta, although they can be found in wetlands throughout the state.
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