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Name:Northern Bobwhite
Scientific Name: Colinus virginianus
Habits and Habitat:Bobwhite quail are found in the tall grasses of prairies and field edges. The growth and decline of small rural farms in Arkansas are thought to be partially responsible for the rise and fall of this species.
Habit:Bobwhite group in family groups called "coveys." When disturbed, they flush almost simultaneously. This moment of chaos is usually enough to confuse predators and give the birds a chance to escape.
Bobwhites get their name from their "Bob-white" call. Males and females are marked similarly, but the males have a striking white-and-black mask, while the females have a yellowish, buff-colored mask.
Although the species is in general decline in Arkansas, it once was near the top of hunted game in the state. Many AGFC programs are focused on bringing back the bobwhite, including grants and habitat projects to restore the edge habitat they require.
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