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Name:Mississippi Green Water Snake
Family:Water Snakes
Scientific Name: Nerodia cyclpion
Description:Keeled scales. Body is drab olive-green or olive-brown, with an indistinct pattern of narrow black crossbars across back, alternating with similar black bars along the sides. Belly is dark brown or dark gray patterned with yellowish or yellowish cream half-moons. Young resemble adults. Adults 30-45 inches in length.
Range:Mississippi Delta and Coastal Plain.
Habits and Habitat:Inhabits still or very slow-moving waters, such as lakes, ponds, oxbows, ditches and swamps. Active March through November. Most aquatic of our water snakes, seldom found far from water. Breeds April-May and 8-34 young are born August-September. Feeds almost exclusively on small fish, but also eats frogs and salamanders.
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Suzanne Collins