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Name:Longear Sunfish
Scientific Name: Lepomis megalotis
Range:Abundant statewide.
Habits and Habitat:This little sunfish, as beautiful as any tropical fish, has adapted to almost all types of habitat in Arkansas but prefers the clear streams and reservoirs in the highlands. It is an opportunistic feeder but mainly eats insects and crayfish. It spawns in colonies on gravel bottoms in June.
Fish Fact: Longears are aggressive and will happily snap at your freckles and hairs when you’re standing in their water.
As A Group:Twenty species of sunfish live in Arkansas, including black basses, crappie, rock bass and bream (bluegill, redear and warmouth). They make nests and guard their young from predators. Sunfish often are the most numerous species in a body of water.
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Joe Tomelleri