About this Species 

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Name:Lesser Scaup
Family:Diving Ducks
Scientific Name: Aythya affinis
Description:This medium duck has a bluish bill with a small, black tip. Drakes have a black chest and tail, and a purplish-black head and gray sides. Hens are drab brown with a white patch at the base of the bill. Lesser scaup have a slight bump on the head; greater scaup have no bump. Known as “bluebills.”
Habit:Found in any open water from large ponds to fish farms. Lesser scaup feed on clams, snails, crustaceans, aquatic insects, seeds and aquatic plants. They nest from Alaska and western Ontario southward to Minnesota and northern Colorado. Hens lay 8-10 dark green eggs in a nest constructed of a mound of plants over water.
State Occurrence: Very common in Arkansas during winter. Lesser scaup can be found on large reservoirs or in flooded agricultural fields.
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Female and male