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Name:Hooded Merganser
Scientific Name: Lophodytes cucullatus
Description:The smallest of the three mergansers found in North America and the most common in Arkansas. Males have a large, white crest framed in black and a white breast with two black bars on each side. Females are drab brown with a small, reddish crest on the back of the head. Both sexes have long, sharp bills with saw-tooth edges.
Habit:These ducks often are seen silently swimming between trees in flooded woodlands. They feed on fish, aquatic insects and crustaceans. Hooded mergansers breed from southeastern Alaska to western Canada, and from central Saskatchewan east to the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Hens nest in tree cavities or nest boxes and lay 9-11 eggs.
State Occurrence: Commonly found in forested wetlands, especially those with cavity trees.
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Male and female