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Name:Green-winged Teal
Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Anas crecca
Description:Very small, fast-flying duck. Both sexes have iridescent green bars on wings and yellowish tail stripes. Males have one white stripe up each shoulder and a dark reddish and green head. Females are mottled brown.
Habit:“Greenwings” thrive in natural wetlands, such as shallow ponds or the edges of open water, as well as in flooded agricultural fields. Teal feed on young vegetation, seeds, grains and aquatic bugs. They nest in the north-central U.S. and central Canada’s Prairie Pothole Region. Females lay 5-16 eggs in nests built in small depressions on dry ground. Nests usually are under a small shrub, under a log or in dense grass.
State Occurrence: Can be seen statewide during winter; most common in the Mississippi River Delta.
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