About this Species 

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Name:Greater White-fronted Goose
Scientific Name: Anser albifrons
Description:Brownish-gray, medium-sized goose with white forehead and bill base. Its brown belly is speckled with white bars. This is the only goose common to this area with orange feet. Also known as “specklebellies.”
Habit:This goose in commonly found in moist agricultural fields and shallow, natural wetlands, where it feeds on seeds, grains, grasses and berries. The call of the white-fronted goose is a short, high-pitched laugh. They nest in western Alaska, northern Russia, northern Canada and Greenland. Females lay 1-8 eggs in a nest scraped in the ground lined with plants and down.
State Occurrence: Can be found statewide during winter but is most common in the Delta. Usually seen in high-flying V formations.
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