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Name:Greater Scaup
Family:Diving Ducks
Scientific Name: Aythya marila
Description:A medium-sized duck with round head and bluish bill with black tip. Drakes have greenish-black head, black chest and tail, and gray sides. Hens are brown with a white patch at the base of the bill. Known as “bluebills.”
Habit:They’re found in natural or man-made open-water wetlands, searching for clams, snails, crustaceans, aquatic insects, seeds and aquatic plants. Greater scaup usually nest in extreme northern North America from Alaska to Labrador, and in scattered spots across Canada. Hens lay 8 or 9 eggs in a small nest made in a depression in the ground, lined with grass and feathers, high enough to avoid flooding.
State Occurrence: Not very common in Arkansas but found on large bodies of water, often mixed with flocks of lesser scaup, which is more common.
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