About this Species 

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Name:Graham’s Crayfish Snake
Family:Crayfish/Mud Snakes
Scientific Name: Regina grahamii
Description:Keeled scales. A brown or yellow-brown snake with yellow or dusky cream-colored stripes along the lower sides of the body. Belly is white or cream with a zigzag pattern of dark brown spots along the outer edge. Young patterned like adults. Adults 18-28 inches in length.
Range:Mississippi Delta and Coastal Plain; isolated record from the western Arkansas River Valley.
Habits and Habitat:Often seen in early spring basking on low branches or brush over water in marshes, ditches and sloughs. Active from April to early November. Mates in April-May; gives live birth in late summer to 4-35 young. Retreats into crayfish burrows during hot weather. Primary food is crayfish. Also eats tadpoles and frogs. Like other water snakes, it will discharge musk and feces when threatened.